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Just in time for holidays where experience at depth will help with the Wrecks & Reefs.

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PADI Speciality Courses with premierscuba.com

PADI. Speciality dives pricing varies with Course

You are in very safe hands, All courses are performance based ensuring you have the confidence to dive later with your buddy.

Our Clear Pricing policy sets us apart from the competition and with ourselves there are no hidden extras to pay, for example we include
your  Manuals, Certification Card, Refreshments, and Hire of all the Scuba equipment needed to complete this exciting course, you will
use a wetsuit.

You will only need to pay for your own Entrance Fees to the dive site.

FIVE SPECIALITIES email for best price.

Use of specialist equipment is included with the EXCEPTION of the Dry suit.
you will need to use your own to complete the dry suit course.

Dry suit Diver ..  £ 65.   2 Dives.. 1 Day
own dry suit needed

Deep Diver   .  £ 125. 4 Dives over 2 Days

Nitrox Enriched Air Diver
..  £ 59 
( dry course no dives)

Navigation Diver ...  £ 75. 3 Dives.. 1 Day

Night Diver ...  £ 95. 3 Dives over 2 Days

Peak Buoyancy ..  £ 60. 2 Dives.. 1 Day

Search & Recovery .  £ 125. 4 Dives over 2 Days

Wreck Diver ..  £ 125.  4 Dives.. 2 Days

Check Diary for the next course..  
or EMAIL your enquiry.

Dry suit Diver ...  £ 65..   2 Dives.. 1 Day

The course is a very intensive One day with TWO dives, on it you will learn to how to correctly dive using a dry suit including the core skills of Buoyancy control, preventing runaway ascents and maintenance.
Essential if you have just purchase a dry suit and need to know how to use it safely.  

Deep Diver  ...  £ 125.. 4 Dives over 2 Days

The course is a very intensive 2 days with  FOUR dives, is one of the most popular specialty courses, training includes at least four dives to a maximum depth of 35 metres, giving you the chance to experience the effects of depth safely and preparing you for new experiences that become available at deeper depths. 

Nitrox Enriched Air Diver ..  £ 59 ..  
DRY Course NO dives required

The course is a very intensive One day course. 

Welcome to one of PADI’s most popular specialties – the PADI Enriched Air Diver course. Diving with enriched air nitrox lets you safely extend your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits for air. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater – but you need to be certified as an Enriched Air Diver to get enriched air fills.

Whether you’re into underwater photography or wreck diving, on vacation in some tropical paradise or just out for a leisurely day of diving at your local dive site, the PADI Enriched Air Diver course helps you get more out of diving by giving you more time underwater.

Navigation Diver ...  £ 75..   3 Dives.. 1 Day

The course is a very intensive one days with three dives, on it you will  all the specialist equipment is included ..

Night Diver ...  £ 90.. 3 Dives over 2 Days

The course is very intensive spread over TWO evenings with THREE dives, on it use of specialist equipment is included in the price, you will get to use a Strobe and Torch and a back up torch.
As the sun sets, you don your dive gear, slip on your mask and bite down on your regulator. A deep breath and you step off the boat – into the underwater night. Although you’ve seen this reef many times before, this time you drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light.
The adventure, thrill and excitement of night diving can be yours when you complete your PADI Night Diver Specialty course. You learn about night dive planning, equipment and navigation. You practice these on three night dives, plus introduce yourself to the whole new cast of critters that comes out after the sun goes down.

Peak Buoyancy ...  £ 65..   2 Dives.. 1 Day

The course is a very intensive One day course comprising of TWO dives.

Float effortlessly, drifting over reefs. Be the diver you want to be, with ultimate buoyancy control, able to hover close to the bottom and examine underwater organisms without touching them.
Buoyancy skills separate the good divers from the great divers. In the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course, you will learn to how to precisely weight yourself for optimum control, poise and balance. You learn to ascend and descend so effortlessly, it seems like you only think about it and it happens. By mastering streamlining, you move through the water cleanly, efficiently and gracefully. You swim near fragile environments without harm to them or yourself.

Search & Recovery  ...  £ 125.. 4 Dives over 2 Days

The course is very intensive being spread over TWO days and conprising of FOUR dives, on it you will  all the specialist equipment is included .. 
Spend time around water (as a diver, how can you avoid it?) and sooner or later, you come across someone who lost something underwater. If you’re looking for the challenge and excitement – along with doing your good deed for the day – the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course is for you. It gives you the skills you need to find what’s been lost, and how to get it to the surface.

In the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course, you learn search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal with potential problems. You learn how to locate large and small objects using search patterns, and various ways for lifting them to the surface. Not only do these skills make you more capable and confident in the water, but most Search and Recovery Divers eventually end up searching for and recovering something they lost themselves.

Wreck Diver ...  £ 125..   4 Dives.. 2 Days

The course is very intensive TWO days with FOUR dives, on it you will  all the specialist equipment is included ..
Whether sunk intentionally or tragically, whether a sunken ship, a plane or an automobile, the call of wrecks is nearly irresistible to divers. Through the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course, you get the skills, knowledge and procedures you need to answer the call of wreck diving.

 Special Requests & Limited Mobility

All the skills are performance based being disabled or of limited mobility is not barrier to learning to dive, as long as you are able to complete the practical skills, If you feel you may not be able to simply email your concerns.  

First Aid Courses

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Manual & Certification
£ 49 inclusive
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£ 59 including 
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